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Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist the priest and deacon in the celebration of the Mass so the liturgy can be conducted with grace and reverence.  They assist the presider at the chair and at the altar by carrying the processional cross, lighting the candles, holding the books, setting the altar, carrying the incense and a variety of other tasks during the service.  This ministry helps to develop a sense of participation in parish life and a love for the church's liturgical life, while growing closer to God in one's own life.  It also offers an opportunity to understand the rewards of service toward others and their community.

Altar Servers assist all Masses, Stations of the Cross, Benediction, and other special events.  Boys and girls who have made their First Holy Communion are eligible for this ministry.

It is a great privilege to serve at the Altar of our God and therefore Servers are chosen from those who display a desire for a more intimate union with our Lord and God, Jesus Christ.  Our loving Savior becomes present on the Altar, just as He was at the Last Supper and Calvary.  Accordingly, Servers have a solemn responsibility to do their assigned duties with dignity and reverence.

You can become an Altar Server after you receive your First Holy Communion.  All that is required is that you regularly attend Mass (either Saturday evening or Sunday morning) and have a desire to server at the Altar of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

 To view the Altar Servers rota please click here.


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