Our Lady & St Patricks


To the Parish of Our Lady and St Patrick's
with St Mary & St John Southworth (Samlesbury)
in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Salford, England

Outside of St Pat's from cemetery

  Serving Walton-le-Dale, 

near Preston, since 1855


 If you have time and would like to volunteer, please contact by text our Parish Safeguarding Representative:  Bernadette Loffler 0788 4465424 (Phone if you don’t have a mobile phone} for further information.

Please continue to make your Offertory donation to God and our Parish each week. This can be done during the present situation either by putting aside your offering each week and bringing it all to church once life is normalised again or, you might consider setting-up a STANDING ORDER with your bank for a monthly amount. 

You may view and print-off a STANDING ORDER MADATE for either 

St Mary's, Samlesbury  HERE

or St Patrick's, Walton-le-Dale HERE



DAILY MASS & DEVOTIONS ONLINE GO TO:    churchservices.tv


Year B

We continue to think about the Resurrection this week, from three different perspectives: the Gospel gives us another story of Jesus appearing to his disciples - this time the beautiful story of the meeting in Jerusalem, when Jesus proves he is alive and no ghost by eating some grilled fish: he reminds the disciples that all he suffered and rise so the “repentance for the forgiveness of sins” could be preached to the whole world. The first reading shows us Saint Peter’s doing just that, as he addresses the crowd in Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost: he takes them through recent events (fifty days earlier), highlighting the important point, that he and the disciples can witness to the raising of Jesus from the dead, and calling them to “repent and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out.” The second reading brings this into our lives: the resurrection is not just a historical event, which we remember. By baptism (which we renewed at Easter) we become part of Jesus in his dying and his rising, as he ‘becomes the sacrifice that takes our sins away’. So all that Saint John tells us about the commandments and avoiding sin is our way of living the Resurrection.


Fast from anger/irritability and be gentle and patient. 

Fast from pessimism/negativity and be hopeful. 

Fast from worrying and trust in God. 

Fast from complaining and live a calm simple life. 

Fast from pressure and be prayerful. 

Fast from sadness/bitterness and have a happy heart. 

Fast from selfishness and be understanding. 

Fast from non-forgiveness and seek reconciliation. 

Fast from talking and be silent and listen.

  Every effort is made to provide a safe and comfortable environment at Our Lady & St Patrick's church, please note that face- masks/coverings are not required but you are very welcome to wear one if you wish, please also, do all you can personally to keep yourself and those around you safe.

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